As a Female Veteran owned business in both counseling and consulting, I'm very passionate about working with Soldiers, Veterans and Family Members. My counseling and consultation business focuses on Mindfulness-based practice that can offer a positive, compassionate environment with a focus on mind, body and spiritual based awareness and wellness. 


Mindfulness is a broadly used term these days, so let’s specifically review what it means from a health and science perspective. Mindfulness is paying attention to something in the present moment (eg. breathing) and learning how to separate what you experience or sense from how you react or respond to it. It is learning how to observe yourself (interoception) and the world around you (exteroception) with awareness, so you can fully recognize and feel your experiences, but still have the presence of mind to remain calm, focused and thoughtful in your reactions. The benefits of cultivating mindfulness are broad, but perhaps most important to your health is general stress reduction, and how this practice literally changes your brain by what is called neuroplasticity. Remember how we said you can choose whether or not to react to stressful situations, and how you experience physical and mental stress? Not only can you choose it, but you can train your brain to respond this way naturally!